PalletStar 2.0 - SSCC Compliant Pallet Label Management Software

Pallet Labels      Case Labels      GS-1 SSCC Compliant

Off the shelf SSCC Pallet Labelling software, which couldn't make things easier when it comes to ensuring that tracking and traceability is adhered to, in your line of industry.


Produce standard Pallet and Case labels which are in line with industry standard formats, which other vendors have come to expect.


Used as a stand alone system, or integrated with current logistics software, PalletStar 2.0 will allow you to benefit from a wide range of support and features, including :


Easy installation and set up.

Intuitive layout means little or no training is required to manage product data

Reliable & sturdy software architecture means little or no support is required

Printer interface support for most common industrial printers (including Zebra (TM) printers)

-Database import / export facilities
-Label layout design and configuration support available
-Consultancy available on bespoke requirements.
-Annual Support
We are an authorized affiliate of ID Automation

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