PalletStar 2.0 - SSCC Compliant Pallet Label Management Software

Pallet Labels      Case Labels      GS-1 SSCC Compliant


Pallet and packing case labels

  • 3rd party software integration and interfacing
  • Export label printing reports to Excel
  • Zebra label printer interfacing
  • SSCC Compliant pallet and case labels with auto sequencing and range setting
  • Annual technical support

Software & Services

Because the scope of business needs is forever changing with the markets they reside in, we realise that there is a need for tailored software configurations to fit the dimensions and agility of any business environment. We know that, no matter how much we offer in a standard service package, there is always going to be that bit more that is neccessary to provide.

Provision of end to end services and specialised software solutions for retail & commerce, including shelf edge label price labelling, data management, pallet labelling software, stock taking and data cleaning.

Green Light Data Systems supply multi-environment label printing solutions ranging from retail to distribution and shipping.

Coupled with the software solutions provided, physical services of Stock Taking, training and data preparation / entry and helpdesk support; a fully comprehensive turnkey base.