PalletStar 2.0 - SSCC Compliant Pallet Label Management Software

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PDF delivery service for retail shelf label printing. LabelTasks Express offers the service of processing stock details in an Excel spreadsheet with no limit on the number of items which labels need to be produced for. 

Retail shelf label management and printing on the cloud. Access all the features of LabelTasks 1.2 on any web enabled Android, Windows or iOS device and print shelf labels for your customers.

LabelTasks 1.2 - Retail Shelf label management software for Windows

Direct control of retail shelf label information, in stand alone use or as part of a larger system. Label Tasks offers a quick and efficient method of conveying price information to your customers.


Control your stock price information



  • Product description
  • Price
  • Price per Kilo / Litre
  • Barcode information
  • Custom graphics for branding and your business
  • Customizable fields for miscellaneous information

LabelTasks 1.3 - Wholesale / Cash & Carry Shelf Talker Management software for Windows

Clear and concise product information on your shelves ensures that your prices and shelf space allocation are permanently fixed for the duration concerned.

In using the LabelTasks product, customers have found that their profits and sales have increased marginally by between 10% to 15% on average and consumer confidence has also been boosted.

Consumer confidence is increased because the direct, professional and honest display of item price is put in the place it needs to be - their line of sight and your shelves.

FREE retail shelf label printing software for Windows. Easy to use and quick label set up.

Regattare licensing framework release 2.1 can be integrated into your Microsoft Visual Studio applications to allow greater control over your software asset distribution and activation responsibilities.

By plugging it's code base into your applications (VB .NET, C# .NET) you can ensure that your prospective audience can run your applications on a trial basis as well as register their intent to purchase; inform your customers of product updates and help tips.

Each build of your application will be unique and traceable to it's end user. What this means is that you have greater control over the management of license resources with web based verification of license certificates, which means more control over the application instances concerned.

ReportTasks is a fully customizable report generator.


Developed as a software solution and service to satisfy the need for a compact, fast and robust platform,  filtering and collation of data in the enterprise environment.

ReportTasks' performance is coupled with rapid development of bespoke report forms and layouts for a wide variety of industries.

RestricterDoc Versions 1.12 & 1.40 for Windows ensures a measured approach to document distribution and content reproduction when conveying confidential information to other parties.

Achilles Web structures it's services around bespoke web promotion activities and supporting application development.

The spectrum of offerings available range from entry level submission and indexing services, reporting options, full promoApp development and web content generation.

What this means is that you can decide how much exposure you require at each stage of your web promotion project.